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KSC to Provide Educational Services to Cincom Smalltalk Customers

Cincom Systems, a global leader in business process application development, announced today a strategic business alliance with Knowledge Systems Corporation (KSC), a leading provider of object-oriented services. KSC will provide training, mentoring, certification, and migration services to Cincom Smalltalk customers.

KSC, with expertise in the Cincom Smalltalk product line since 1985, is offering a variety of courses now available to Cincom Smalltalk customers:

-- Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Workshop
-- Introduction to Cincom Smalltalk VisualWorks®
-- Effective Testing for Object-Oriented Programmers
-- Advanced Cincom Smalltalk VisualWorks
-- Tutoring in Smalltalk

Cincom Systems and Knowledge Systems Corporation Build Alliance

"As the largest provider of commercial Smalltalk, we have the responsibility to provide the best product and services for the Smalltalk community," said Jim Hazel, Cincom, director U.S. services. "By partnering with KSC, we can enhance our Cincom Smalltalk user experience and continue to grow the Cincom Smalltalk community. KSC has the product expertise and Smalltalk course curriculum readily available to launch this relationship and services program immediately."

"Knowledge Systems Corporation is delighted to be working with Cincom. Cincom's drive and dedication for its Smalltalk products coupled with KSC's long history with Smalltalk makes for a natural partnership," said Allen Davis, CEO of KSC.


For nearly 40 years, Cincom's software and services have helped thousands of clients worldwide simplify the management of complex business processes. Cincom specializes in the five areas of business where simplification brings the greatest value to managers who want to grow revenue, control costs, minimize risk, and achieve rapid ROI better than their competitors: Data Management; Marketing, Sales and Customer Service; Application Development; Manufacturing; and Outsourcing/Hosting.

Cincom serves thousands of clients on six continents including BMW, Citibank, Boeing, Northwestern Mutual, Federal Express, Ericsson, Penn State University, Messier-Dowty, Siemens, Rockwell Automation, and Trane.

For more information about Cincom's products and services, contact Cincom at 1-800-2CINCOM (USA only), send an e-mail to, or visit the company's website at

About Knowledge Systems Corporation

Established in 1985 and located in Cary, North Carolina, KSC is the world leader in Smalltalk education and services and has employed some of the nation's defining authorities on object technology. The bookshelves of programmers around the world reflect the contributions that KSC has made to enterprise software development. Used extensively in enterprise software development, Smalltalk is the best-supported, pure object-oriented programming language available.

KSC offers a longstanding success record and a wealth of technical expertise to its clients. KSC has worked with companies in numerous industries including: insurance, banking and financial, telecommunications, warehousing and distribution logistics, healthcare and manufacturing.


Knowledge Systems Corporation is a full-service provider of education, mentoring, consulting, computer repair and staffing, as well as fixed-bid software migrations and platform conversions focusing on Smalltalk to Smalltalk, Smalltalk to Java,VisualAge Generator to Websphere Enterprise Developer (VaGen to WSED), Java to Smalltalk, and 2-tier to 3-tier architecture conversions. KSC offers a wide range of services including:

Smalltalk Industry Council Knowledge Systems Corporation is a core member of the Smalltalk Industry Council with Allen Davis, CEO of KSC, as the Industry Council's Executive Director.

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